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Facilities Management

Sagitta Galaxy software can manage and monitor every aspect of your facility, including lighting, hvac, security, media, and more.

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Process Management

Sagitta Galaxy software can manage and monitor complex industrial processes and equipment and interfaces with all common controllers.

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Secure and Reliable

Sagitta Galaxy uses end-to-end encryption on-site, over the internet, and in the cloud, and triple redundancy to keep your operations running and your data safe and secure

Secure and Reliable →

Sagitta Galaxy is the secure and reliable control infrastructure for your enterprise. Galaxy works with new and existing infrastructure to create a unified control and monitoring backbone across one or more sites. Galaxy can control every aspect of your site operations including process, lighting, security and access, hvac, irrigation, media streams and more. Galaxy runs on redundant low-cost nodes to form a highly reliable system that will enable money-saving control and insights across all connected aspects of your operation.

Sagitta software and hardware works together to create a secure, redundant, and reliable backbone for your entire enterprise. Sagitta components can be mixed and matched to create a system that works with new and existing infrastructure to give you total control and operational insights on web browsers, mobile devices, and control points. Sagitta components can leverage internet and cloud services, but are not reliant on an external internet connection or cloud services.

Seamless control and insight

Do you run one system for your facility management and another for managing media and ambiance in public spaces and another for security? Maybe another for energy and another for process control? Sagitta Galaxy brings it all together allowing for better insights and intelligence and holistic control. And yet, the system is so distributed and redundant that it can withstand severe intranet network outages and other disruptions.

Global Resources

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