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Internet of Things

Pervasive Digital is your source for real-world solutions and network-connected microcontroller systems.

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We can prepare visually stunning, cloud-connected apps that cover all of the major phone, tablet and desktop platforms.

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For mobile apps or IoT data ingress and analysis, we have you covered.

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Our Series-S line of industrial controllers and I/O components are easily programmable, and work standalone or fully integrated with the Verdant:iot suite of asset- and data-management tools. Our intelligent din-rail bus design means a fast, clean, robust installation on the shop floor; farm; or in a residential din panel.

Verdant:iot is an online suite of tools for deployment, configuration, maintenance, inventory, and data analytics for your entire inventory of IoT devices. Verdant:iot works with your existing devices or our own line of hardware devices and accessories to provide you with available-everywhere insights and control.

Ecological Efficiencies

Our hardware is certified lead-free with guaranteed hardware recycling services. Our Series-S products include alternative-energy-capable power options. Our software solutions are designed for power efficiency and little or no hands-on maintenance.

Global Resources

Pervasive Digital LLC maintains hardware engineering and manufacturing in the USA and software engineering in the US and Romania, with global support services. Our products and services are engineered and supported for use around the world.