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Sagitta Galaxy Online Demo

Check out an online demo of Sagitta Galaxy here.

Sagitta Galaxy Downloadable Demo

You can install a Sagitta Galaxy trial site to test drive. It's the full productional software with most modules enabled, but limited to a single edge server, single controller node, and two fixed logins. Of course, some features (like security cameras) require additional hardware.

Requirements: Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (or later) Intel x64 system with Docker, or you can use one of our ready-to-run Windows Hyper-V images.

Instructions for installing your own Galaxy are here.

Instructions for running our Linux Hyper-V image are here.

Sagitta Galaxy Full Deployment

Sagitta Galaxy scales from small operations to multi-site enterprises and complex facilities. Proper operation requires pre-deployment planning. Contact us for assistance in planning your deployment and for a full installation, configuration, and maintenance quote. 


Please write to with any questions you may have.