Your one-stop service for IoT deployment, asset-management, configuration and data ingress and analytics.


Manage inventory, deployment, and configuration of your devices. Verdant works with our easy-to-use devices, devices from other vendors, or your own custom hardware solutions.


Collect, curate and transform your data and create events and advanced scripts that react to your data stream. Advanced security and flexible storage options are available.


Gain insights into your data using advanced analytics and visualization tools and external tools like Microsoft PowerBI. Create custom dashboards for at-a-glance status.

Verdant Solutions


Gain real savings through meaningful insights into your processes, costs and productivity. Advanced and affordable instrumentation from Verdant integrates with your existing infrastructure to give immediate access to new data about your efficiency and productivity. 


Instrument fleets, assets and goods and use eventing, scripts and analytics to gain accurate real-time information that you can turn into real savings.


Real productivity gains and operational savings can be gained from deploying sensing and control solutions powered by Verdant:iot. Use a single dashboard to get instant insights into your entire operation.


Makers are our best friends. Always-free accounts, advanced SDKs, and open-source resources plus a white-label affiliate program not only allow you to innovate, but also to share and profit from those innovations.