Industrial Automation

The Series-S hardware line is the centerpiece of our cloud-connected, sensing and automation platform for industry, agriculture, and transport and logistics.



The first Series-S modules will be available in Q1 of 2017.

The Series-S family includes:

  • Series-S CM-D/L
    Din-rail mounted Compute Module running a custom Linux core designed to run standalone or to securely integrate with the Verdant deployment/management service. The CM-D/L features USB host, SD-Card, RS-485, CAN-bus, and Ethernet interfaces, along with the S-Connect 16-pin din-rail backplane for Series-S compatible modules.
  • Series-S CM-D/N
    Din-rail mounted Compute Module running a Microsoft .Net core for easy custom programming. This version offers the same IO options as the CM-D/L, but can be programmed directly using Microsoft Visual Studio or mbed tool sets.
  • Series-S CM-D radio options (up to four per compute module)
    • Lora or LoraWan
    • 802.11a/b/n wifi (client or accesspoint)
    • Zigbee (integrates with popular home-automation platforms)
    • Synapse
    • GSM/GPRS voice/text/data, 2G, 3G or LTE
    • RF pipe
    • Bluetooth 4.0 (aka, Bluetooth Low Energy)
    • GPS
  • Series-S CL-D/8x8
    A din-rail mounted S-Connect module with 8-input, 8-output 24VDC Digital IOs. The CL-D/88 can sense eight 24V input lines and control eight 24VDC switched outputs at 2A each.
  • Series-S CL-D/16I
    A din-rail mounted S-Connect module with 16 digital inputs capable of sensing 16 24VDC inputs
  • Series-S CL-D/16O
    A din-rail mounted S-Connect module with 16 digital outputs capable of controlling 16 24VDC 2A switched outputs
  • Series-S CL-C/8x8
    A din-rail mounted S-Connect module with eight 20mA Current-Loop inputs and eight 20mA current-loop outputs
  • Series-S CL-A/16
    A din-rail mounted S-Connect module 16-bit analog-to-digital converter at 0-10V per input
  • Power modules, battery backup, and alternative-energy source management modules will also be on offer.
  • We will also be offering din-rail heating, cooling, and networking modules by third-party vendors, which are fully integrated with the Series-S hardware.
  • Support plans, equipment recycling, design and deployment assistance and Verdant:iot asset and data management subscriptions will all also be on offer.

Specifications may change without notice prior to final release.

How to Buy

Series-S solutions will be available by quotation from Pervasive Digital LLC, or ala-carte in our online store, or through select OEM vendors.  Watch this space for more info coming soon.